Machinimators' Notes

How Teens Are Using Machinima

Global Kids - A Child’s War (6.43 mins)

Tabitha Tsai,Multimedia Curriculum Specialist, Global Kids Inc.
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Contact Tabitha to learn more about the Global Kids after-school machinima program - Virtual Video Project.

A Child's War nominated as BEST STUDENT MACHINIMA at the European Machinima Festival 2007
A Child's War official press release
A Child's War on YouTube
Alaska Airlines article on GK's Virtual Video Project - youth production of A Child's War.
One of eleven machinima videos featured on SL's community page

Synopsis: A Child’s War is a short video that displays the students’ spectacular understanding of both digital media and important international issues. Through A Child’s War, the 20 young creators vividly illustrate a poignant story that documents the fictional life experiences of a former child soldier who has come to the International Criminal Court to testify against the warlord who forced him to murder hundreds of people, including his own family members.

Global Kids - Race to Equality (7 mins)

Tabitha Tsai, Global Kids, along with Mathew Cruz (Virtual Video Project participant, age 19.) Presenting for the first time on the main grid.
Race to Equality soon to be aired on TV near end of September on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Channel 34.

Race to Equality official press release

Synopsis: Race To Equality is the culmination of the year-long Virtual Video Project, an after-school program conducted by Global Kids, Inc. The students gathered regularly during the past year to learn about film production, global access to education, and virtual worlds. Their knowledge and efforts resulted in the production of Race To Equality, a year-end project on the struggle of individuals from Brazil, Tibet, and the United States to overcome racism in higher education.

Global Kids - Youth and Digital Media PSAs (5.5 mins)

Five 1-minute Public Service Announcements produced by teens in the Virtual Video Project:

Synopsis: This collection of five 30 second Public Service Announcements were created in Teen Second Life by Global Kids after school program, the Virtual Video Project, funded by the MacArthur Foundation and developed with the support of the Museum of the Moving Image. These were the first videos created by the students, to learn the basic of creating machinima around social issues.

The 5 topics:
1. Safe surfing
2. Online Discrimination
3. Digital Media and Health
4. Internet Piracy
5. Online Credibility

Global Kids - UNICEF's Machinima Summer Camp (11 mins)

Link to the GK-UNICEF machinima camp website,including campers' blogs and videos, presentation at the 2007 SLCC in Chicago.
Ten 1-minute machinima PSAs on UNICEF's website

Synopsis: In the summer of 2007, UNICEF and Global Kids hosted a Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Machinima Camp within Teen Second Life. The CRC Machinima Camp involved leadership development activities and filmmaking workshops that dealt with important children's rights issues related to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Thirteen teens learned about the CRC, created original storylines and collaborated with other campers to create ten 1-minute videos about specific aspects of the convention.

Global Kids - Science Videos

Mari Asturias

This video details the Solid Waste (Naples) unit of the Science in Second Life project run last Spring by Global Kids. Freshman high school students studying sustainability learned about an actual solid waste problem by "visiting" Naples, Italy.

This video highlights student comparative work on sustainability and energy use in their own homes. It was the introductory unit of Science in Second Life, a high school freshman science class with significant learning taking place in Second Life. This was a Global Kids sponsored project.

This video demonstrates the Fossil Fuels unit of Science in Second Life, a high school science course largely taught in Teen Second Life. In this unit, students explored both physical and human ramifications of the extraction, production and use of non-renewable fossil fuels through exploring a coal mine, oil refinery and oil rig, chatting with chatbot characters (oil refinery workers, coal miners, researchers) and taking atmospheric samples at different altitudes, locations and times. This project was funded by Global Kids


Schome Park – 'Airship Hindenburg'

Pigment Pye

'Airship Hindenburg' was made by teenagers in Schome Park, a secure 3D virtual world for 13 to 17 years olds, set in Teen Second Life.
This four months project involved students across the UK. Students took complete control over all creative decisions, etc scriptwriting, character design, set design, etc. Schome Park integrates with the schome community website, which includes a wiki and a forum. This is where all activities are discussed, documented and monitored.
Learning in Schome Park is best facilitated through creating a personal space where young people can learn at their own pace, doing things that are relevant to them. This invites us to look more closely at creativity and how we define creativity in young people in the information age.
Schome Park has a young filmmakers group (Machinimators) and a media forum
Airship Hindenburg is also part of my research degree (London University of the Arts) to demonstrate that the making of machinima offers teenagers a new understanding of creative learning in close relationship to their cultural learning. Machinima has its own terminology and language and offers a clear model of film language that can be learned or taught. It can support a greater attention to the uniqueness of the language of the moving image. The conclusion will explain what new language is created and how young people use this new language of film.


Skoolaborate News: An Introduction to Skoolaborate

Laoshi Peccable

A class project by junior high school aged ESL students attending 1on1 English Language School, located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
1on1 English is a partner school in the Skoolaborate program.

Skoolaborate – SBS Evening News


Skoolaborate Broadcast Studio News - Episode Two (512k version) - made as part of the Skoolaborate Congress 2008, produced by year 9 and 10 students from Australia, New Zealand, and Colombia.


Eye4You Alliance - GOLDSPHERE: Plan for Recovery

HVX Silverstar (Main grid: Machinima Institute 218, 114)- Bernadette Daly Swanson, Reference/Instruction/Outreach Librarian, Carlson Health Sciences Library, University of California Davis.
This machinima was made following a machinima class with members of the Eye4YouAlliance Library Island in the teen grid. Actors were members of Eye4YouAlliance. and they are shown in the credits.
The island is funded by the Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenberg County, USA.
HVX Silverstar:
Machinima Workflow slides on Flickr at:

Eye4You Alliance - Craft Fair in Second Life

Pia Klaar

This is a machinima filmed on Eye4You in Second Life Teen Grid during a Craft Fair Event. The teens created objects based on various categories which were judged and then given prizes.

Eye4You Alliance – Epic Report Session 3

Pia Klaar

This machinima was created on Eye4You Alliance Ilsand on the Teen Grid. It is a joint effort between the teens and myself. The teens built the video studio, decided who would be interviewed, developed the questions to ask and then asked me to film it. So this film was created by an educator and by teens on Teen Second Life


Ohio Teen Island

Builder Link

Overview of the Ohio Teen Island that is open to the public on the teen grid of Second Life. This island has 8 different educational modules/games for teenagers to learn about science while playing through the activities. It was developed by the VITAL Lab at Ohio University.

How Educators Are Using Machinima

Calisto Meets His Maker

Calisto Encinal

Calisto Meets His Makers tells the story of one avatar's quest to meet his human family. Calisto's journey takes him from a fabulous club in SL where he dances tango flawlessly with a gorgeous partner to a rather dull and colorless suburban house where he meets his rather average and puny maker. But in the end, Calisto learns what it truly means to meet your maker.

Calisto Meets His Maker


To My Beloved

Cecil Hirvi 2008

A creative machinima based on the love letters of Mao's 2nd wife. Demonstrating how SL can be used to create historical pieces. Designed for the Film Dept. at the University of California/Santa Barbara. Paul Portuges professor. Written by P. Portuges, Machinima by Cecil Hirvi.
Cecil Hirvi's Machinima Page on Youtube


Tibetan Alphabet

Wam7c Macchi

Machinima tutorial describing how to use the Cube of Tibetan Consonants to teach yourself the Tibetan alphabet in Second Life.



Giannina Rossini

Sloodle Promo

SLoodle 0.3

Giannina Rossini

Virtual Policy Conference

Giannina Rossini

Sloodle at the Virtual Policy '08 Conference, July 2008


Math Model of Soccer Ball Problem

Ebliu Maktoum
videos on bliptv -

Using 3D Math Models in Second Life. A glimpse of our Second Life component to the graduate level math course Proportional Reasoning in the Middle Grades with Vermont middle school teachers.


HAMLET Act 1 Scene 1

Ina Centaur

October 2007 "pilot" aka "storybook machinima" of SL Shakespeare Company's Hamlet Act 1 Scene 1, set in the SL Globe Theatre, sLiterary. Barnardo, Marcellus, and Horatio spot a ghost in Elisnore keep, realize its significance, and decide to tell Hamlet.

This machinima was done without sets and with a budget of less than L$10,000 ($USD 42), which, through frugal shopping, was enough to pay for everything including actor wages and sound licensing (but not tier!). None of the cast or crew have ever met in person, and we somehow managed to find each other all completely on SL.

This was done back when we planned to do everything in the tradition of "black box theatre" with minimal props and sets. Also, unlike our 2008 productions to follow, barely any custom props or costumes were created for this "storyboard machinima." for more details and imagery of our more extravagant 2008 (and beyond) productions.


smARThistory visits the Sistine Chapel in Second Life

Max Newbold and Sez Zabelin (aka Beth Harris and Steven Zucker in RL) and

Max Newbold and Sez Zabelin, Second Life correspondents for smARThistory, visited the Sistine Chapel there (recreated by Stan Frangible on the Vassar College campus), and created this video about Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel ceiling. They discuss Michelangelo, the commission from Pope Julius II, and the structure and meaning of the ceiling, with a special focus on the Creation of Adam.


“The Zen” of Dalai Haskell

Having evolved from the Saturday everning radio broadcast of the Waxasheep College of Animal Husbandry, "The Zen" mingles Second Life education news, developments, and personalities in a witty "Late Night"-styled variety show.

Hosted by "The Dalai", the Zen takes a simultaniously light hearted and cutting edge look at the future of educating in virtual worlds...and bad noob hair.

Written and created by Boise State's Chris Haskell, K12's Will Ober, and GaliSL founder Jeremy Koester.


Educational expression (from Second Life) on Overpopulation

Al Scotch


The metaphor of an exploding world can dramatically pique the viewer's curiosity - to educate them with a profound message that motivates them for further exploration of the website they are encouraged to visit.

Why Second Life is for Education

Education in Second Life

Marissa Moody
YouTube URL:
Blip URL:

An overview of educational uses of Second Life, featuring visits to several educational sites and ideas for educational use of Second Life


Second Life: Making the Real World a Better Place

Silver & Goldie Goodman
Machinima by Silver and Goldie
Blip URL:
YouTube URL:

An informative 7-minute machinima overview of ways in which artists, nonprofits, big and small businesses and educational institutions use the Second Life virtual world to enhance learning, communication, collaboration and artistic expression. Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale presented the film as part of his testimony before the first-ever Congressional hearing on virtual worlds in Washington, D.C. on April 1, 2008. Produced for Linden Lab by Machinima by Silver and Goldie.


Teaching and Learning in Second Life: An Introduction

Ebliu Maktoum
videos on bliptv -

An introductory tour of Second Life with Avatar Ebliu Maktoum looking at some of the educational uses and features this platform has to offer for online teaching and learning. This video was created in 2008 by Elizabeth McCarthy during her graduate studies in Teaching with Technology at Marlboro College Graduate Center in Brattleboro, Vermont.


Virtual Ability in the very beautiful Second Life

HVX Silverstar (Machinima Institute 218, 114)- Bernadette Daly Swanson, Reference/Instruction/Outreach Librarian, Carlson Health Sciences Library, University of California Davis.

Virtual Ability Island: Grand Opening.
Their mission is to enable people with a wide range of disabilities to enter into virtual worlds like Second Life®, and provide them with a supporting environment once there.
The annotated version on YouTube is available at:


University of the Pacific

Pacific Tigerpaw

A review of work in progress on using the U Pacific SIM of the University of the Pacific.


Boise State University - EdTech Island in Second Life

Mali Young & Cecil Hirvi , 2007

Overview of EDTECH island, and the various ways it supports teachers and faculty in virtual world teaching and learning.
Written, directed and edited by Cecil Hirvi.
Cecil Hirvi's Machinima Page on Youtube

University of Queensland

Helen Frak & Thaiis Thei

A video to promote the Religion Bazaar sim of the University of Queensland. Religion Bazaar will be used by Studies in Religion at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, to create educational experiences that foster empathy, immersion and engagement.
Read about our adventures in religion in Second Life at

University of Kentucky

Alice Burgess

A video tour of University of KY Island in Second Life (May, 2008). Please also check out our island blog or come visit us:
See the video on Bliptv


ISTE SL Collaborative Machinima Project

Janita Stojanovska, Zsuzsa Tomsen, Lexa Easterman, Cheryl Undercroft, Pia Klaar, Cyndi Uriza, Lor Fredriksson, Teacher Spitteler, Scottmerrick Oh

Teachers as Learners: These machinimas were created by members of ISTE SL. The final projects reflect several weeks of activities and classes dedicated to learning the craft of video making within a virtual environment. See how these real educators are using ISTE SL to collaborate, network and learn with their colleagues from around the world.


ISTE in Second Life

Knowclue Kidd

Follow along on the journey of ISTE in Second Life, hosted by Kittygloom Cassady of ISTE, as she shares the stories of several educators who work and learn together as a part of a growing network of professional educators exploring the possibilities of connecting and collaborating in SL. -- Knowclue Machinima